All things reading this week

This week has seen my reading obsession take a whole new level. I can't believe it, but all I can think about is reading, how to read more, how to discuss about my books with other people more and how to encourage the love of reading with everyone. It's funny, that as soon as I … Continue reading All things reading this week


Outdoors vs Indoors

Last weekend, my toddler was finally slightly better and we decided that we were going to brave the cold and the wind and just plan to go out that weekend. I was seriously starting to get tired being indoors, entertaining my child with almost the same games and watching TV. So, Saturday morning, we had … Continue reading Outdoors vs Indoors

My experiences at the hair salon- the long and short of it

Everyone knows how difficult it is to be a woman. I'm not even talking about all the serious issues like equality, safety, freedom, biological clock, etc etc. I'm talking about the not-so-serious-but-very-important part┬áthat comes with being a woman- grooming! Yes, I can hear all the collective sighs from my fellow women friends and readers­čśĆ I … Continue reading My experiences at the hair salon- the long and short of it